Teba (55 min)

This little white country town with just over 4,000 inhabitants is beautifully situated along a ridge extending to the Guadalhorce valley. At the top are the ruins of a fortress with fantastic views. This is a charming, small, white, authentic Spanish village with several small narrow streets and tapas bars.

In 1330 were the Scots in battle to conquer the fortress. The Scottish nobleman, Sir James Douglas, was killed by a group of Scots while he tried to help the Castilian king to conquer the castle. The reason for his presence in Teba, was that he had been commissioned by the Liberation King of Scotland, Robert Bruce (who had attained independence from England before he died of leprosy), to bring his embalmed heart to the Holy Land. Scottish legends Sir James launched his king’s heart for Muslims as they had fallen, fulfilling the desire of the king to fight against the infidels. To commemorate this event, a monument in the town was set up. It is said that his heart is still there.