Sevilla (2 hours 20 min)

If you have not been to a Spanish city before, then Seville should meet your expectations. It is said that Seville is the birthplace of flamenco and where the country’s bullfighters face a challenging and enthusiastic audience. Despite having over 700,000 inhabitants, Seville’s historic city neighbourhoods, with their narrow cobble stone streets, squares and alleys do not seem to have that big city feel. There are lots of little tapas bars, cervecerias, gothic palaces and rows of orange trees. Over 500 years ago Seville was one of Europe’s richest cities and you can still see clear traces in the architecture and the many lavish building facades.

The mild climate of this Andalucían region makes Seville a destination where you can visit it anytime year round and most visitors fall in love with Spain’s fourth largest city.