Granada (1 hour 40 min)

Granada, an amazing city with a lot of history. Whether you choose to walk around the old town, take a guided tour on a Segway or on foot, or if you have tickets to the Alhambra, there is much to see and experience. Alhambra was built in the mid 1300s by the Moorish rulers and is one of the most beautiful building complexes man has made and the most visited cultural monument in Spain. Check out beautiful halls, patios and gardens here.

The city has a lot of beautiful architecture, narrow streets, colourful Moroccan streets, atmosphere, tapas bars, restaurants, houses with flower pots hanging up the walls, houses made into the mountains and much more. If you want to experience flamenco there are several places that organise this.

During large parts of the year there are many students in Granada. This has resulted in that when people go out and buy drinks at a bar, restaurant or bodega, the drink usually comes with a free tapa and if they don’t get the free tapa, the place is boycotted.

We can truly recommend Granada.