Alora (21 min)

We are very fond of Alora and think the little white authentic Spanish town is amazing. The white buildings are built very close together, or you could say right next to each other in the narrow steep streets. Spaniards are hospitable and friendly. You may want to start a sentence with a Spanish word or two, but the accent here is very distinct, so what you get as a reply will most likely not be understand. But they do everything to try to understand what you mean.

There are many tapas bars and several restaurants you can visit. Just to mention some; Abilio, De Knas and Los Connejitos (which is just outside the town, so you should take your car) are places we often eat at. Remember that siesta is practiced here, that means no food between 2pm and 8pm.

The mountain that towers behind Alora is called El Hacho and it is here you have a wonderful view out over the countryside and the town. You can see El Torcal if the weather is nice. Some days you can see all the way to Sierra Nevada.

The train runs from the airport, remember to change trains at the Victoria Kent station to the one to Alora. There is a bus from the train station and up to Alora center. It costs only a few Euros. The train also runs from Malaga city center up to Alora.

Video taken from the apartment we rented in Alora before buying our place.

Easter Celebrations in Alora