Art and Exhibitions

Do you like art? We can then recommend the Picasso Museum located in the old part of town of Malaga. It was opened in 2003, 50 years after the idea of ​​having a Picasso museum in the birthplace of Picasso. It was the widow of Picasso’s son who took the initiative in 1992 and breathed life back into the old project. Thanks to Christine Ruiz-Picasso, it is possible to see 233 art works of Picasso in Malaga.

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo is exhibiting contemporary art, which is changed periodically, so if you visit the exhibition a year after you were there the first time, it may be that they have set up a brand new exhibition. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo is located close by the Malaga Centro-Alameda train station.

There are many types of art to see and many different museums to visit. Automobile Museum, Wine Museum, etc. Here is a link to many options